It is not easy for the modern romantic adventure seeker to choose the best website that suits specific needs, given the wide variety of platforms that specialize in different types of connections. is one of the best quality online dating sites. More than 1 million users are registered worldwide. It is joined by those who just want to have fun and get a dose of pleasant communication without obligation. If you think this might work for you, you can read more about the site in Flirt review.

Pros And Cons 


  • There are all the necessary dating tools
  • Wide range of active profiles
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reliable protection against fraud


  • Basic tools are paid for
  • After registering for the mail, many advertisements arrive at a Glance

Best for people who want to meet the casual connection.

Number of members: increasing

Recommended age: 20-45

Favorite features: Like Gallery, Flirtcast

What is

How many do you know of websites that are really user-friendly and help you get real results from online dating? Most likely, few units. However, if you ask users what is, you will get the answer that this is the best online place to find special adults. Cupid plc has created this platform for mature people who do not want to limit themselves to a stable relationship. It is for those who want to expand their social circle, have fun, and even meet people who are not against sex without obligation.

When you join the Flirt community, you should not be expected to be married in a month. There are people here who do what works best for them – they flirt with each other and simply enjoy the company of their interlocutors. After reading reviews, you may get the impression that this is a frivolous game that is not worth the attention. But this is only until the first chat with charming strangers.

It is not a free dating site with lots of fakes, scams, and outdated accounts. Users must purchase a premium membership to be able to use the necessary dating tools. But has set a reasonably low price for security so that you won’t feel the impact on your wallet.

How Does Work? is not just a hookup site; it is also a community of people with diverse interests who share a common goal – an easy flirtation and a romantic adventure. The platform works as a social network because you can create your own friends’ lists and keep in touch with text messages here. To learn how does Flirt work, a user needs to sign up because all features are viewable only for account holders.

You will be able to find your first contacts with search filters that allow you to select users by different parameters. You can also make contact through Like Gallery, which is similar to how Tinder works: you just flip through photos of users and let them know if you liked it. This tool allows you to immediately go to your favorite profile and write to him the first message from which your dating history will begin.

You can share photos and videos with your interlocutors to make your communication even brighter and more emotional. Flirtcast help people who like to meet several people in a row. You can send messages to multiple members of the community in one click.

You will spend most of your time chatting. There is not a wide variety of communication tools out there, but the basic features will be more than enough to learn more about your interlocutor and start successful flirting.

Registration does not burden its users with a long and complicated registration process. It takes you no more than 5 minutes to join the community. Registration is free on Flirt. You will be able to access the Flirt log in after completing standard registration fields such as gender, age, name, and email and creating a unique password.

That’s all you need to become a member of the community. As soon as your profile appears on the dating site, you will be able to fill it with personal information and photos.

Although the truth about Flirt is that users can skip the step of personalizing their account and go straight to dating. It can result in frustration as no one wants to meet with invisible. Therefore, if you’re going to get more matches and get the attention of members of the community, you need to spend a few minutes specifying your interests, appearance description, or habits.

Similarly, if you continue to be interested in communicating with any other member of the community, but find that you do not have enough information about him/her, then you can use the Request More Info tool. It will tell your match that you are ready to flirt with him/her, but provided he adds a few words about himself.

Search & Profile Quality

Members of the Flirt dating site community can search for people in two ways: search or Like Gallery. These tools should be considered in detail, as this is something that you will use on this platform regularly.

The search engine works according to the matching algorithm. It works so well that it seems as though someone is reading your mind and knowing what traits your ideal interlocutor should be given. You will see a list of users who are near you and relevant to your interests before you install search filters. There will be quite a few of them so you can narrow down your search circle to refine your detailed comments further.

The primary option includes match selection by gender, location, age, and you can specify the status of the user: new members, online users, or only those who have photos.

If this is not enough, advanced filters work for you. So you can look for an adult partner for interests, hobbies, appearance, habits, sexual orientation, or religion. People around the world can say that there are no ideal people. It’s true, but there are the perfect people for you, and you can find them on the Flirt site using the advanced search.

Profile quality is an indicator of is Flirt good. Getting acquainted with the website audience is quite enjoyable as most users add detailed information about themselves, although there are profiles without photos and additional description. has more women among its members since they were able to use the dating site for free. Unfortunately, the scammers had often used this website, so Flirt set the same rules for all members of the community. Even though they now have to pay for services, women are not leaving Flirt. Many Flirt dating site reviews indicate that users are becoming fans of the platform, and it is tough for them to keep from flirting.

Design and Usability

Website design allows even the inexperienced computer users to get used to the interface quickly. The main buttons and sections are located on the top menu. From there, you can manage all the tools you need.

Unlike its competitors, Flirt does not have too many tools and features to overfilling a website. You will be able to be fully focused on communicating with your matches, as you are not tempted to switch to other entertaining things. It may seem boring to someone, but if you seek out online dating services, you should get quality results. On the other hand, platforms, where it is difficult to focus on something alone, cannot generally be of high quality. The Flirt site, in turn, has such a structure that you will be completely passionate about flirting with members of the community.

The design of the site is minimalistic; it is completely devoid of advertising, so your look will not be annoying any pop-ups or banners. The user’s name, age, and location are listed below each photo. You will be notified if someone likes your page or posts a message. You must be a premium user to view account owner information.


When answering the question is Flirt safe, it is worth noting that the Internet cannot be completely safe. However, the Flirt website does its best to protect its users from fraud and counterfeiting.

First, only paid subscription users can send messages, so this reduces the risk that random people will write to you.

Secondly, the Flirt website has added a Personality Checker. You can contact the platform contact center for more information. Your profile will be marked “Verified” after you complete this procedure. Similarly, you will be able to see users who have the same status. It will help you pick secure contacts.

Don’t worry about the question is legit, as Cupid plc is the owner of more than ten years of online dating experience. It is legally registered and is responsible for the personal and financial data that users leave while using Flirt services.

If you feel that it is not enough of these security measures, you may also not specify your real name at registration. Also, you should not be very talkative with strangers about any sensitive information about yourself that anyone can use. The site prohibits financial activity that goes beyond the payment of Flirt services. It means that you should ignore any requests from users for financial assistance.

The site gives you the ability to block users you don’t trust, or you can contact support if you believe they are dangerous to other members of the Flirt community. But most likely, you will not use this, as there was no suspicious activity in the test profile when preparing this review.

Help & Support

All users of the Flirt dating site have access to support. This service works around the clock. If you experience technical issues with the site, feature questions, complaints about the service, or users, you can submit your request to customer support to help you set up your use. Usually, support staff responds quickly, and you do not have to wait for more than 48 hours.

Prices and Plans 

The Flirt dating site gives its users access to a wide variety of profiles of single adults. Community members have everything they need for a comfortable flirtation, but it’s clear that it’s not free.

At the time of creating this review of Flirt, prices were discounted. 

  • 1 month – 1,07 $/day
  • 3 month – 0,78$/day
  • 6 month – 0,48$/day

Special offer for new users. They can get a free 3-day trial for just $ 0.99 per day.

After purchasing the service package, users will be able to:

  • View full-size photo of community members
  • see all matches in search results
  • “looking for” details view
  • send unlimited chat messages
  • get access to unlimited Like Gallery

Final Verdict

The Flirt dating site helps its users find new dates quickly and efficiently. It can be a positive experience for single people seeking to flirt and find partners for a free relationship. The flirt hookup website gives adults all the opportunities they need to seduce passionate people. The site is practically devoid of bots and fake pages, so your dating is doomed to success. Even if you do not want to start a serious relationship, Flirt will help you improve your communication skills with strangers and improve your charm. You can sign up for free now and get your first matches that will kick off some fantastic flirting and romance stories.

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